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A remarkably relaxing experience.

W Body & Foot Spa

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    Swedish Massage

    The most common and relaxing form of massage therapy.

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    Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage targets the inner layers of your muscles and tendons.

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    Hot Stone Massage

    Heated stones glide over body, warming muscles, enhancing circulation, releasing toxins, and easing stress for relaxation.

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    Combo Massage

    Thirty-minute foot soak and lower leg massage, followed by a half-hour express body massage.

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    Foot Massage

    Short service includes foot soak, foot and leg massage; longer sessions add body massage; clients stay clothed.

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    Your massage therapist will use one or a mix of essential oils during your treatment, which will be inhaled and be absorbed into the skin.

About Us

What We Offer

Come relax and unwind at W Body & Foot Spa. With over 20 years in the massage and spa industry, let us help you melt away the stress of everyday life with our tension and pain relieving massages and reflexology treatments. After your treatment make your way onto our back deck, sip some herbal tea or cucumber water, and enjoy our beautiful waterfront property.

Occupying a beautiful waterfront location in Foster City, W Body & Foot spa offers high quality massages, providing ultimate relaxation and relief from a tight body. W Body & Foot spa offers various types of services from traditional Swedish massage to reflexology and gua sha. Its owners and massage therapists are passionate about healing and wellness and have extensive experience in the industry.

  • Aroma Therapy
  • Enhanced Muscles
  • Exfoliating Foot Treatment
  • Hot Stone